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Fostexis a japanese brand created by the Foster company in 1973. This brand was pioneer in the loud speaker distribution to individuals and speaker manufacturers.

Relying on know how and international dimension of Foster, Fostex developed the loud speakers distribution but also the research and manufacturing of magnetic band recorders (especially multitrack).

Fostex then adapted itself to the digital revolution while enlarging its range of speakers with professional ones, especially for monitoring. Some products, such as the PM-1 remain reknown products today and gave birth to entire ranges nowadays. 

Activ speaker amplifiers, wide-range speakers, tweeters and recorders, Fostex is today a reknown brand, especially in high end audio through high quality wide range speakers that evolved through the years.

The DIY japanese market has never weakened and is increasing recently in number of other countries. It's in that spirit that Fostex is proposing today a wide range of kits.

Today, the MHP team selected various wide range speakers and tweeters, but we access their whole catalog. Do not hesitate to contact us about it.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 21 items