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Michel Visan, after a short job by Audux, developed his passion for high fidelity till becoming technical director of legendary french brand Siare.

Following these experiences and the takeover of Siare by the US, Michel Visan decided to create his own brand by extending Siare way of mind. Davis Acoustics was born, in 1986.

Quickly settled in Troyes, the brand firstly focused on its strenghs and the manufacturing of high quality speakers and associated kits.

Davis made instantly Kevlar cones as a specialty. Those contributed to Davis fame. Today, Davis is a major part of french music lovers scene, manufacturing a wide range of speakers, from the cone or dome tweeter to the 46cm boomer passing by wide range speakers internationally famous.

Further these speakers, Davis knew how to wider its offer with various kits and several acoustic speaker ranges, from high fidelity to home cinema, with always more details concern and a powerfull will of producing high quality material.

Davis succeeded to keep its familial dimension while becoming a technical leader throughout its manufacturing.

Trough our aim to offer you a wide range of products available in kits, we selected various Davis speakers and renewed our kit offer from their production. Though, do not hesitate to contact us for any need, we maintain a close collaboration since the beginning. From this relation are born several jointly developed products.

Do not wait to discover or re-discover this exceptional catalog made in France!

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Showing 1 - 12 of 45 items