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B&C Speakers

B&C Speakers is an italian brand producing speakers and horns for professional audio. It designs, build and comercializes all its products in its installations in Bagno a Ripoli, where they settled up in the 90s.

Primarily simple crafting company building italian speakers for strikes and other outdoor events since 1945. B&C started its transformation in the 70s when it became a major player of loud speakers production for the italian professional speakers builders (FBT or Montarbo for ecemple).

It internationalized then and today is defined by its production capacity and technicity that make its reputation with various major professional speaker producers around the world as customers.

That's why we give to B&C loud speakers a special importance in our replacement range for professional defective loud speakers. We also selected their horns but not only.

B&C speakers is a serious and experimented brand, it gives a lot of importance to the good management of its aftersale services. Do not hesitate then to contact us to repair your B&C loud speakers.

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items