Banière titre

PYT Audio, the acoustic optimisation for your Hi-Fi.

Our partner, PYT Audio, is a specialist in acoustic treatment for wall and ceiling.

Their company has developed a decorative solution to deal with acoustics room. This one was studied specifically for HiFi.

A passion for HiFi.

The brand was created by a Hifi enthusiast.

The concept is simple. Not finding aesthetic and effective solutions to treat the acoustics of his room, the manager of PYT Audio tried to find a solution to overcome this problem.

So with the help of an experienced acoustic engineer, he set about designing a product that met these specifications. From there, was born the concept PYT Audio.

Decorative and modular acoustical panels.

PYT Audio is distinguished by the aesthetic side of its solutions. He positions himself as the specialist of wall and decorative acoustic panels.

The small thickness of the panels allows them to integrate anywhere, very easily. More than 45 colors are proposed, with also the possibility of tailor-made, to find the best compromise between acoustics and decoration.

In addition to their small thickness (from 0.9 to 1.7 cm), the products are movable to create modular sound environments. They also remain respectful of the walls, and can be carried anywhere.

An ethical involvement.

In order to shape the world of tomorrow, the brand respects ethical involvement firmly rooted in its culture.

Its products are designed and manufactured in France, with a maximum of local suppliers. The society also promotes the circular economy.

Likewise, PYT audio is active with associations playing this proximity card, such as the audio of France, or engaged in current problems, such as the National Days of Hearing (JNA).

Recognition of the specialized press.

Many tests, carried out by specialists of the sector, have praised the qualities of the product. Among these magazines, we find: 6Moons, Audiophile Magazine, Mono & Stereo, Hors Chant, High Fidelity, the Republic of Sound, or Musictech.

The young company was also awarded at the "Anjou Talents" competition for seriousness and qualities of the project.