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The last link in a music reproduction system, the loudspeaker is also the focal point for transforming electrical energy into acoustic energy. This section gathers our selection of HPs as well as their technical characteristics to allow you to realize your projects of design or renovation projects.

We work with all loudspeaker manufacturers, so do not hesitate to contact us if you can not find what you are looking for in our selection.

All characteristics (curves, chassis, electromechanical characteristics) on the loudspeakers are given as information according to the manufacturer's data.

  • The boomer of one speaker can be used in the medium on another. This is why you will find in this section a wide selection of speakers with various characteristics.

  • The tweeter is the organ responsible for the reproduction of treble. There are different types: piezo, dome, compression, ribbon or cone. To each his qualities and his framework of use.

  • The full-range is a speaker capable of reproducing the entire audible frequency range. Most of them are therefore used without filter which brings simplification of the implementation as well as a homogeneity in the restitution of the sound.

  • horn speakers are high-performance speakers dedicated to midrange and treble. Their principle is to emit a signal not directly to the ambient air but through a cavity. They need to be associated with a pavilion.
    They are often used in sound or high-end hi-fi.

  • The resonator makes it possible to use its support as emitter of the sound. That it is a shelf, a ceiling, a door, a partition. They are, for the most part, not suitable for glazed surfaces.

  • Here you will find the speakers to install directly in your false ceiling or your walls to integrate them better in their environment.

  • When we spend many hours in our cars, or even less than that, we realize that the level of demand of the majority of car manufacturers is very far from ours in the field of listening. Here you will find something to revolutionize the sound system of your vehicle.


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