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Audio sources

The source is the element that will extract the musical signal from its support (CD, vinyl, audio file, FM wave). There are obviously many genres and it is not uncommon that it is integrated into an amplifier.

  • A multimedia player, or streamer, allows you to access your digital library and connect it with your Hi-Fi system.

    Often in Wifi, it can connect to music present on the local network (shared folder on the network), or streaming music services (Qobuz, deezer, spotify, ...)

    You control your Hi-Fi installation using any connected device. Special attention will be required when choosing your network drive to study the compatibility of its application with your digital consumption modes.

  • The CD player is a traditional audio source. It remains one of the essential means of today to listen to music. Dynamic and precise, the CD offers a very faithful reproduction.
    Our selection includes a wide range of CD decks; from the extra CD player to simple and effective technological jewelry.

  • This is one of the few purely analog sources and that's what makes the turntable so enjoyable and realistic. This section will allow you to discover our selection of turntables to fully appreciate your vinyls.
    A vinyl turntable needs a phono preamp to work. It can be either integrated into the amplifier (dedicated phono input), or integrated directly into the deck, or separated.
    The maintenance accessories for your turntable as well as the cells are available in this section.

  • The signal delivered by a turntable is specific and must be processed upstream in order to be amplified. The very support that is vinyl implies a certain "transformation" of the signal that one must treat before amplification.
    Some turntables incorporate phono preamplifiers - or RIAA correctors - natively, just like some amplifiers (dedicated phono input). For others, it will equip you with this device allowing the connection between any turntable and its dedicated sound system.
    Be careful of their compatibility with your cell (MM or MC).


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