This category includes all types of accessories, components or HPs that are stored in large quantities in the secret warehouses of the MHP. Whether models that are no longer produced or ranges that have evolved, this part of the site is full of good plans. All products in this category are new and tested, no bad surprise, only bargains.


  • Speakers

    It happens that the MHP recovers a large amount of HPs or stocks from a distributor who stops a mark. This is what you will find in this category, new speakers at very attractive prices. Tweeters, broadband, mids and boomers are found here for all uses.

  • Components

    It may happen that the MHP changes range when the manufacture of components stops, or a loss of competitiveness of the product on the market. You will find the list here, at very competitive rates. These components are new and qualitative

  • Other

    Apart from speakers and components, other accessories and cabinetry may also be offered for sale at a discount. In the same way as for these other categories, these promotional products are new. Do not hesitate to contact us for any specific request or doubt concerning one or other of these products.

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