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In this section you will find all the elements of the filter.
The audible signal is from 20 Hz to 20 000 Hz. Not all speakers are able to reproduce the entire range. The vast majority of them are specialized in the restitution of a specific part of this range. It is the role of the filter to divide the range between the different speakers of your speaker in order to make the most of each of them.
We advise you to mount your filters "in the air" rather than on electronic plate. This will limit the number of contacts and solders and will improve the quality of your speaker.
We propose the design of custom filters. Do not hesitate to contact us.

  • The main purpose of a resistor in a passive speaker filter is to attenuate a speaker or to compensate for its impedance.
    Below 3dB attenuation, a series resistance is sufficient, beyond which we advise you to make a mounting called voltage divider bridge.

    Our resistors are manufactured in France by SETA.
    They are divided into two series:

    - the non-inductive 10W RWS, tolerance 5% - to use in Hi-Fi,

    - the 25W RB inductive, tolerance 5% - to use in sound system.

  • Our capacitors are manufactured in France by SCR.
    Unlike chemical capacitors or many other capacitor technologies, the MKP capacitors we have selected are durable and will not deteriorate over time.
    We have two series: PB and tin series.
    - The PB series is our classic series, it is an excellent value for money. It guarantees you the best results, with extremely low internal resistances. Tinned rigid axial tinned output minimizes the loss factor.
    - The tin series implements tin as its name suggests. The tin being heavy and soft, it will absorb the micro-oscillation and thus limit the distortions on the high frequencies. Being available only on small values, it is specifically interesting to filter your tweeters and super-tweeters of qualities in order to draw all their dynamics and their precision.
    It is strongly recommended to renew your capacitors on your old speakers who ask only that to find their precisions and their dynamics of the first day.

  • Our self are made in France by RAH Indel.
    Our air self (ferrite cores increase the inductance but induce distortions) and copper. They come in four series depending on their section: TA, SA, LA and AD.
    The larger the cross section, the less distortion the self will have on high intensities, and the less ohmic loss we will have.
    The TA is reserved for tweeters cut on high frequencies.
    The SA will be adapted to tweeters and mediums of small diameters.
    With LA, we start to have more sections that will filter without distortion speakers requiring more energy.
    Finally, ADs are the best option in high-end applications, where the reduction of ohmic losses in the filter is paramount. They will also be suitable for loud sound filters.