Cable connectors

Any element of a Hi-Fi system is important and impacts the final result of the system. After choosing speakers and a coherent amplifier, it's the cable that matters.
Power cable, modulation cable, HP cable for internal and external wiring, there is a wide variety of cables and a wide range of prices.
You will find in this section a selection of cables combining a good quality / price ratio and a technicality never altered. In addition to these cables, you will also find their many accessories (plugs, separators, ducts ...).

Cables and connectors: plug, cable mounted, cable by meter of the MHP


  • Plugs

    The practicality of a plug is not to be demonstrated. It allows you to connect / disconnect your cables more obviously. It is even sometimes necessary to connect its speakers.
    This plug must be consistent with the cable you have chosen so as not to deteriorate the quality of the connection made.

  • Raw cables

    The cables in this section will be cut according to your needs. They can be associated with cards and / or accessories. We can realize their assembly for you. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we offer you a quote.

    The main factors affecting the quality of a cable are the metal used, the braiding of the strands, the fineness of the strands, the total section and the insulation of the cable. The possibilities are many, we are at your disposal to accompany you in this choice.

  • Prepared cables

    You will find in this section the cables assembled by the manufacturers. It only includes low level cables or power cables. You will discover our high-level cables in the cables section by the meter.

    Do not hesitate to contact us if the length you are looking for is not available in our selection. We will be able to put it in order specifically for you if the manufacturer proposes it.

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