You will find here all the accessories and tools to restore and design your speakers.

Speakers accessory: terminal block, event, tip, horn, damping


  • Terminals

    The terminal blocks are the connection points of the high-level cables that is to say after amplification. They serve as entry point speakers, output points amplifiers, or input and output for your cable passages in the walls.

  • Blowholes

    What does bass-reflex mean?
    To extend the response in the bass of an enclosure, is added within the body a blowhole opening outwardly. A tuned cavity is thus created, based on the principle of the Helmholtz resonator: at a certain frequency, called "tuning frequency", determined by the length and the diameter of the blowhole as well as by the volume of the enclosure , the system comes into resonance, allowing to "acoustically amplify" the sound (we can test by speaking near the neck of a bottle, which is also a Helmholtz resonator ...). By judiciously placing the tuning frequency, you can (to a certain extent!) Compensate for the level drop in the low end of the spectrum. The choice of the diameter of the blowhole is made according to the air flow, in practice according to the diameter and the excursion of the loudspeaker.

  • Stands and spikes

    To improve the listening quality of your Hi-Fi system, it is advisable to decouple your speakers from the ground via spikes or stands. The sound then gains in aeration, with a firmer bass, without drag or effect. mask in the low medium.
    We have two possibilities:
    - Your neighbor does not appreciate the value of your installation. The use of decoupling pads is strongly recommended. They will effectively absorb unwanted vibrations from your speakers and greatly limit their transmission to the ground.
    - The optimization premium, especially since your neighbor is also a fan of Hadouk Trio! Coupling points (often incorrectly called decoupling) concentrate the vibratory energy before transmitting it to the ground. More effective than the decoupling pads, these tips will effectively remove the distortions and noise of craters. They will work more efficiently on a hard support.

  • Various

    Here you will find any accessories that do not fit in our other categories.

  • damping

    A loudspeaker emits sound vibrations on both sides of its membrane. Vibrations are transmitted inside your speaker.
    These vibrations can resonate and provide a mask in the low and midrange. Some will like this warmth, others will find it rough. From this will depend the amount of damping to put in the enclosure.
    There are two types of damping: one that will reduce the vibrations of the air, and one that will reduce the vibrations of the body. The first is a foam more or less dense, the second is a material that will weigh down your cash.

    The minimum is to have no internal surfaces facing each other without damping (foam). It is therefore necessary to at least cover three internal faces of your enclosure damping foam

  • Protections

    The goal of a cache is to protect your loudspeaker and its speakers. It can also have an aesthetic purpose.
    In any case, it will not bring anything in terms of acoustics.
    Here you will find canvases and grids. We can in the shop you pose the paintings. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

  • Tools

    Mounting a kit or maintaining your equipment may require some tools.

  • Horn speakers

    This material is to be associated with a pressure chamber. Used in high-end Hi-Fi  and sound, flags allow to increase the output of the signal.

  • Phono

    Listening to a vinyl is special in the Hi-Fi environment: natural and purely analog, this mode of consumption of music requires specific attention. It is this need that meets this category of products. Whether it's cleaning your vinyls, preserving them, or even replacement heads, we offer you the products we think are the most relevant on the market.

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