Loudspeakers / Kits

You will find in this category all the models of speakers and kits that we can offer. Our wide range of products will allow you to find the material adapted to your needs. The selection includes all types of models, speakers and kits broadband, 2-way or 3-way, covering different uses and budgets with a single line of conduct: a good price / quality ratio.

Kits / Speakers: a selection signed La Maison Du Haut-Parleur


  • DIY Kit

    A kit includes all the components of a speaker (internal damping, electronic components, speakers, cables and vents). Choosing a kit rather than a speaker will allow you, in addition to saving money, to discover the inside of your speaker and have the pride of a job done by yourself.

    The kits do not include cabinetry that you can find in this section

    It should be noted that all kits that we sell are available in all mounted.

    Finally, all our kits are available to listen in store. Do not hesitate to visit us to finalize your choice.

  • Premade

    With a few exceptions, all these speakers will be assembled by us in store. You will find in this section their versions in kit, ie to mount yourself.

    For the realization of the box, we work with a local cabinetmaker. You will find here the classical possibilities proposed. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want us to set up a custom project together.
    All our speakers are available to listen in store. Do not hesitate to visit us to finalize your choice.

  • Nomad speakers

    Nomad speakers are battery speakers designed with Bluetooth or Wifi connectivity. The market is invaded by these products to such an extent that it is difficult to find reliable and qualitative manufacturers.

    This category is therefore deliberately limited because we wanted to offer only trusted products, whether at the level of after-sales service or design.

  • Speakers for...

    You are a professional and you want to sound a space. We can accompany you from the conception of the project to its realization. Do not hesitate to contact us to study the project together.

    In this section you will find a selection of speakers adapted to the sound of indoor or outdoor spaces.

  • Cabinet making