Stands and spikes

To improve the listening quality of your Hi-Fi system, it is advisable to decouple your speakers from the ground via spikes or stands. The sound then gains in aeration, with a firmer bass, without drag or effect. mask in the low medium.
We have two possibilities:
- Your neighbor does not appreciate the value of your installation. The use of decoupling pads is strongly recommended. They will effectively absorb unwanted vibrations from your speakers and greatly limit their transmission to the ground.
- The optimization premium, especially since your neighbor is also a fan of Hadouk Trio! Coupling points (often incorrectly called decoupling) concentrate the vibratory energy before transmitting it to the ground. More effective than the decoupling pads, these tips will effectively remove the distortions and noise of craters. They will work more efficiently on a hard support.

Stands and spikes for speakers !

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