Cabinet finishing

La Maison du Haut-Parleur works closely with the cabinetmaking Crafts Artisanat Méline to offer a custom finish for your speakers.

You will find in this section a list of current proposals. Finishes are presented in order of increasing cost.

All cabinetmakers are made in raw medium. You will also find exceptionally kits              in chipboard and other ambitious birch plywood from Finland or composed of several              materials.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any specific request, whether by changing the shape of the enclosure, its material (multi-ply birch Finland) or by choosing a finish not mentioned in the paragraphs below

Cabinetmaking in flat raw medium

Cabinetmaking in flat raw medium :

Neither the assembly of the box, nor the realization of its finish makes you scary!

On the other hand you seek the precision of the work of a cabinetmaker for the cutting of boards. The flat finish is for you. It will allow you to customize your speakers yourself at a particularly interesting price.

The boards are delivered with all the cuts made: the recess holes (loudspeakers, terminal block (s), event etc.) as well as the rabbets for embedding H.P.s. 

We will of course provide you with all the assembly plans for the box as well as the contacts of trustworthy companies for the supply of veneers, varnishes and paints.

Planks are destined to be transported before assembly. The latter is done by assembling end to right angle tip. The edges are thus less fragile during transport.

The glue to use for assembly is the wood glue. We recommend the use of greenhouses joints during the gluing of the planks. 

Cabinetmaking raw rise

Cabinetmaking raw rise:

From here, the cabinetmakers are assembled by our cabinetmaker by assembly profile / profile.

The speaker is mounted in its simplest form. It's the economic and functional choice. With this choice also you reserve the opportunity to customize yourself the finish of your pregnant, or not.

We advise you to apply at least a varnish to protect the wood from traces and tasks. 

Lacquered cabinetmaking

Lacquered cabinetmaking :

This is the first truly turnkey finish.

She is sober and aesthetic. The polyurethane coating is made in two layers. After each layer is made a ginning in order to get a perfect rendering.

Mounted lacquered cabinetwork

Mounted lacquered cabinetwork :

Here you can choose any RAL code as colors of lacquer. Of what to leave room for your creativity and your desires. The use of a lacquer and application                      professional will bring an exceptional tension and thus an effect of perfection to its support.

This finish is obtained by making a primer and then a stain. In the same way as to rendering varnish, a ginning is carried out after each layer.

It should be noted that fluorescent RALs cause a slight over-billing.

Cabinetmaking mounted veneered

Cabinetmaking mounted veneered :

What's more noble than the texture of wood to highlight your speakers in their environment.

The prices we offer are only valid for veneers in oak, beech or mahogany (see photo from right to left). All other species will be quoted specific.

To protect and nourish the wood, a varnish is applied on the veneer.

Lacquered high gloss lacquer cabinet

Lacquered high gloss lacquer cabinet :

This finish will bring a shine for a stylish mirror effect. The result is brilliant and accentuates the colors and details of its support. The tension obtained is unequaled.

Here the finishing is obtained by the realization - after application of a primer - of several layers lacquers to which are added successive ginning. A final polishing allows to obtain the expected mirror effect.