After sale services

Because a speaker that no longer works is not a speaker to put in the trashbin, we offer you to intervene on your speakers whatever the brand. We will do everything we can to turn them back on !

La Maison du Haut-Parleur takes care of your equipment. Our historical know-how in the field of speaker and speaker design allows us to intervene on the possible failures of your equipment to ensure them longevity

As we often need you to show us the equipment for us to make our diagnotic, our estimation is free of charge in store. Please note that there are some rare exceptions to that rule (ex: very long speaker to disassemble, complex electronic filter).

Here you will find our most common interventions to restore your speakers :

WARNING : : We do not repair the electronics unless we were the actual seller in the first place and the waranty is still active (amplifier, amplified speaker amp, subwoofer amp, cd player etc ...).

Cone of a Davis Acoustics 19 KLV 6 T


Only a part of a speaker is subject to the passage of time.

In addition they are generally designed and studied to last. That is why it would be absurd to let your favorite object at the first sight of breakdown !

We diagnose and repair (when possible) all brands of speakers. The quote is free in store, enjoy it !

Insight of a speaker


The speaker is an essential piece in your installation !

Unfortunately, it wears out whether we use it or not.

Whether it is a defect of use or an aging, several parts of an speaker can cause malfunctions. Please feel free to bring them for us to make a diagnostic.

A ScanSpeak coil following an overpowered signal


L The voice coil is connected to the fix structure of the loudspeaker and to the cone in order to be precisely positionned. The fixed magnet creates a magnetic field so that the voice coil moves when subjects to an alternatif signal. The oscillation is in the same time transmitted to the cone to create the acoustic signal that we hear.

A voiceless loudspeaker is often encountering a voice coil default, whether it has suffered an overpowered signal, a choc or only aging.

The most simple solution can be to replace it directly but it often reveals to be eather more expensive than repairing or simply impossible. The two other solutions that may be worth considering are :

Replacing the whole moving equipment of the loudspeaker, or only the voice coil. This last solution pmay be considerated if the other parts are irreplacable(especially the cone).

Foam and rubber rings for loudspeakers


The ring of a speaker is the peripheral bead disposed around the cone.

This ring deforms itself to control the movements of the mobile unit of the loudspeaker.

The rings are usually made of polyurethane foam and may decompose itself naturally - you must have noticed these small cracks that are generated and grow from year to year.

They usually need to be replaced every 15-20 years when they are made of foam, and every 30-40 years for rubber, paper or fabric suspensions.



The filter's mission is to distribute the signal between the different HPs according to the frequencies.

It therefore avoids an HP reproduction of frequencies that it can not accept or for which it is not suitable.

This filter also prevents the same frequencies from being reproduced by several HPs. There are three types of filtering: low pass for a boomer, pass band for a medium and finally high pass for a tweeter.

A passive filter is mainly composed of capacitors, self and resistors.

The filter components of a speaker can wear out over time or fail to sustain overpower or prolonged high-level listening.

Once used, these components no longer pass the signal and one or more speakers are likely to be mute. We can diagnose these failures and replace faulty components.



Decentralized speakers will be the source of mechanical friction noise, which will disrupt the proper functioning of your speaker.

The refocusing of your speakers will give a second life to your speakers !

This repair saves in some cases rare or complicated original parts to replace.

EIndeed, over time, the coil of your speaker can move and no longer be properly focused in its housing is called the gap, and when these coils are not damaged then we can simply put them back in place.



La Maison Du Haut-Parleur supports all electronic items that have been purchased from the store and still under warranty.

If not, we will not be able to perform repairs on your electronic devices. If you have a problem of amplifier, CD player, tape recorder etc ..., we suggest you to go to EARS in Montreuil, you will find the coordinates of their store on page partner.



In order to give a second youth to your old speakers to which you are attached, we also propose to renovate them.

This operation can have many aspects and is often more relevant than purchasing new materials.

We work in collaboration with cabinetmakers who will take care of the renovation of your caissons.

Sanding may be necessary to remove small imperfections related to shocks, scratches or falls.

The filling of the lack of material can also be relevant for aesthetic reasons. We can also intervene in the structural reinforcement of the box or the realization of A to Z of your custom box. The ideal is to contact us so that we can exchange and provide you with a quotation.

Beyond the box, the replacement of aging filter components, the renovation of your speakers or the installation of new internal and external wiring join the goal of giving a second life, sometimes better, to your speakers.

Voici une liste non exhaustive du type d'op�rations d'optimisation que nous pouvons r�aliser :

  • Measurement and testing of speakers
  • Optimization of the internal damping
  • Replacement of filter components
  • Checking the tightness
  • Internal rewiring
  • Repairing welds
  • Renovation or replacement of speakers
  • Replacement of the canvas.

The cover of a speaker can wear out or be the favorite target of your children or your kitten. We can save the cache by replacing the canvas, or sell it for you to do it yourself.