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A loudspeaker will not work alone without electronics. You will find in this section all the electronics to constitute your system.

  • The amplifier is a central part of your audio system. It amplifies the signal to give it the energy needed to move the speakers' membranes.
    There are different designs, designs that you choose depending on your speakers and sources to get the most out of them.
    The selection criteria other than financial ones will be multiple:
    - Which class of amplification will best match my speakers: are we looking for musicality, dynamics, power, timbre, scale or something really analytical? Depending on this, we will know which class of amplification we lead and which amplification technology to favor (lamps, transistors).
    - What are my requirements in terms of final rendering? We invite you here to make a listening in shop by bringing your speakers and your current amp
    - What features am I looking for in addition to amplification? The possibilities are many: tuner, phono preamp, DAC, etc. It must be kept in mind that at equivalent price, a more minimalist amp is more likely to sound better because efforts and budget will be concentrated on the heart of the product: amplification and its power.
    We most often indicate power under 8 ohms, for both channels powered (unless otherwise stated).

  • Here you will find any electronics that do not fit into our other categories.

  • Your amplifier lacks outputs ? Or entries ? Do you want to compartmentalize your listening areas ? You want to be able to separately manage the volume of your speakers ? You did not make a mistake of section.
    Do not hesitate to ask us for advice on complex connections in order to respect the impedance ranges of your amplifier: too many speakers in series and you will force too much on its outputs, too many speakers in parallel and your amplifier is found in a situation of short circuit.

  • The source is the element that will extract the musical signal from its support (CD, vinyl, audio file, FM wave). There are obviously many genres and it is not uncommon that it is integrated into an amplifier.

  • We have been bringing our music with us a long time ago. MP3 players, disc players and smartphones have generalized the consumption of this "nomadic" music. Obvious constraints of digital storage capacity have not allowed us to do so qualitatively so far.
    This time is over because the devices in this category will allow you to listen to your favorite albums anywhere in high resolution format. The quality of the DACs and preamplifiers headphones present in these devices is the main criterion allowing you to make your choice.


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